The best dropper seatpost you can buy

Easton Haven

The Easton Haven Dropper is the ‘new kid on the block’ in this test, sharing the same design and internals as the Race Face Turbine Dropper (the only difference is the branding). The finish and machining of the post are top drawer, as would be expected from Easton. The Haven features the same DropLoc technology as used in the Fall Line post, licenced from 9Point8, and this is a good thing as the mechanical brake works exceptionally well. Both the Haven and Turbine are available in 100,125, and 150 mm drops in the two common sizes of 30.9 and 31.6 mm.

Installation is relatively straightforward, but care is needed to follow the instructions to the letter, especially when it comes to cutting cable length and ensuring the retaining screws are evenly inserted. Once set up, the tool-free quick-release connector allows the post to be removed easily without affecting the cable tension. The simple, twin-bolt inline seat clamp is clean and stylish in design, but the seat has to removed entirely to adjust the internal air pressure, and the clamp is not as refined as the 9point8 Fall Line. We like the addition of graduated angle marks to speed up seat adjustment, and we experienced no issues with creaking or slippage.

The remote is nicely shaped, falling easily to hand with a very smooth action. We also like the addition of a section of rigid hose to route the cable neatly past the brake lever. Easton also sell a shifter-style remote that can be colour-coordinated, but it is fairly expensive.
In use the post was absolutely reliable, even on sub-zero mornings that play havoc with some posts. The remote lever action was smooth and consistent throughout the testing, and stripping the post down revealed easy-to-service internals should problems arise. We like the low internal air pressure, putting less pressure on the seals, and we did not experience any play during testing.

The Easton Haven dropper post is reliable, lightweight, and very well machined, perfect if you want to stay on-brand for your finishing components.

Weight: 554 g