Why Cranks?

Our sister company, Race Face is steeped in mountain bike history, it has been cutting its teeth as the pioneer of the Cinch crank system and manufacturer of the highly successful and lightest production mountain bike crankset on earth, the Next SL. Easton Cycling is a product driven company that has won the yellow jersey at the Tour de France and the multiple World Championships, Easton has a history of producing the fastest road and cyclocross components available. Now, with the brands cross-pollinating and sharing technology secrets, the building blocks are in place to create a product that would force the evolution of the road and CX crankset.
The road and cyclocross cranksets market has been dominated by industry giants playing a game of small incremental improvements, this is an ecosystem ready for disruption

• Hollow Carbon arms made in Canada with American sourced carbon

• Cinch System with a road specific 30mm spindle

• Standard road 149mm Q-Factor and compatibility with every major road BB standard

• 1x Direct Mount Chainring options for Adventure Road and Cyclocross

• 2x Shifting Ring options for Road, Cyclocross, Adventure Road and Triathlon

• New CINCH Power Meter Spindle available to upgrade your crankset with power