Foxy Carbon 29 has become the benchmark for all riders looking for the best performing, more versatile and best balanced Enduro mountain bike these days.

Foxy Carbon has set the new trend and has risen the bar on latest technology of suspension design and bike geometry

But… (there’s always a “what if…” right?) those riders looking for the most aggressive and hardcore riding, always pushing the boundaries and looking for the gnarliest trails and bigger jumps, there is a longer travel and more capable Foxy Carbon sibling for 2020 and it’s called the SuperFoxy.

Super Enduro meets the SuperFoxy

With the same pedaling efficiency traits Foxy Carbon is reckoned with and a newly designed Zero Suspension kinematics for a more supple beginning stroke off the top and a more progressive leverage ratio ideal for coil and big volume air shocks, the new SuperFoxy features longer 160 mm rear and 170 mm front suspension travel.

. You will be blown away by its torsional and laterally stiff rear triangle which makes the riding outstanding, and the bike feels super planted while being amazingly capable and active over all the rough and chattery bumpy terrain.

And what about those rad looks? 170 mm FOX 36 FIT GRIP2 Factory Kashima forks with Float X2 Air on the white SuperFoxy Carbon R and DHX2 Coil on the blue SuperFoxy Carbon RR, beautiful one piece Monoblock Carbon rocker for these new SuperEnduro beasts, be sure both SuperFoxys are ready to tackle any challenge or compete for the podium at any EWS race.