BH Ultimate 275

The Ultimate is the frame selected by the BH SR Suntour KMC mountain bike team and its racers Julie Bresset,  3-time World Champion and reigning Olympic gold medalist, Maxime Marotte, Stephane Tempier and Galician Pablo Rodriguez, Spain’s cyclo-cross U-23 Champion.

1. Designed for competition  
The Ultimate represents the pinnacle in hardtail MTB frames, meeting the needs of and most demanding levels of top competition. The carbon monocoque frame, lightweight, rigid responsive and technologically designed and developed to succeed competition. The integrated design of the Ultimate frame, with all of its innovations and details, allows the cyclist to transform all of his/her potential into performance, obtaining very direct sensations. The frame geometry and build with flattened and angular tubes is reminiscent of a fast time trial bike.

2. 100% carbon monocoque frame that is explosive and reliable in extreme situations  
The Ultimate frame is a one-piece, 100% carbon monocoque frame, offering uniformity to the entire structure of the head tube to the rear dropouts, and eliminated critical areas since it had no joints or welding points between the tubes. When developing the frame, BH worked closely with carbon fiber and resin manufacturers to obtain frames that are lighter and with greater stiffness for each size. The Ultimate provided rigidity and excellent vibration absorption as it is built with high modulus carbon fiber, identical to those used in the airline industry and Formula 1.

3. Press fit 92 bottom bracket that is wider and more rigid in torsion  
The Press Fit 92 bottom bracket with a width of 92mm, increases the torsional rigidity while decreasing the wall thickness by increasing the diagonal tube sections.

4. Integrated tapered carbon head tubes for increased lateral rigidity  
The integrated tapered carbon head tubes, made of 100% carbon, specific technology characterizing this top of the line frame, significantly increases the lateral and torsional stiffness.

5. Direct mount front derailleur anchor  
The direct mount derailleur offers a high level of quality and reliability in the front derailleur anchors. Its development, fully integrated with the frame, gives greater rigidity and accuracy when shifting gears. The design makes adjustments extremely easy.

6. EVO Brake Mount system  
The chainstays have been specifically developed to accommodate the EVO Brake Mount system. The system is located on the rear chainstays of the frame and has an optimum tilt angle which reduces braking vibrations on the rear wheel. 

7. Cable guides inside the frame  
The BH patented system of the gear cable guides and derailleur inside the frame allowed BH to lighten the frame weight, to dispense with the hood, all while maintaining the highest quality standards. The EVO Brake Mount design means the brake cable is well protected.
We maintain the same geometry as previously, validated by World Cup victories. The flattened design of the tubes is reminiscent of road and time trial bikes. This responsive bike is designed to optimize performance, is aimed at competition, and born to race.